After years of dedication and pursuit of perfection, filled with immense pride and gratitude, we are deeply thankful to all our supporters who have been with us on this journey. It is because of you that 2023 marks a pivotal moment for us. FormD is transitioning into a new phase. Our goal this year is to maintain the stability of T1 production and stock while avoiding unnecessary distractions for all customers.

FORMDT1.com is the only authentic site selling the T1.

The Latest T1 version is T1 v2.1

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In an age where computers are integral to our daily lives, FormD stands as a beacon for those who seek a marriage of Function and Form. We are an indie development team, passionate about crafting premium SFF (Small Form Factor) cases for a diverse audience - be it content creators, gamers, international travelers, remote workers, or hardware enthusiasts. T1 was meticulously crafted to mirror the passion, precision, and power that all our users bring to their digital realms.

The genesis of FormD wasn't just to create another product in the vast sea of SFF cases. We saw a gap between utilitarian design and aesthetic appeal. The T1 is our flagship answer to this challenge, a computer case that not only elevates the performance and compatibility but also complements its user.



  • Mark S. for section - renderings
  • Devender R. for section - 3d downloadable contents
  • Tyson X. for section - coding