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T1 Coated E-White

T1 Coated E-White

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Version (Includes PCIe 4.0 Riser Special Edition)
MESH Side Panel (Default Black)
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Download: T1 V2.1 Assembly Manual

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1.00 GPU Slot
1.25 GPU Slots
1.50 GPU Slots
1.75 GPU Slots
2.00 GPU Slots
2.25 GPU Slots
2.50 GPU Slots
2.75 GPU Slots
3.00 GPU Slots
3.25 GPU Slots

CPU Clearance

Maximum Height 48mm

CPU Clearance

Maximum height 48mm

GPU clearance

140 x 325 x 20(mm)

  • Volume & Footprint

    9.95 (L)

    452.25 (cm²) or 70.1 (in²)

  • Dimension

    13.5 × 22 × 33.5 (cm)

    5.3 × 8.7 × 13.2 (in)

  • Material

    Up to 16mm CNC Machined Aluminum Block, Anodized
    Up to 2mm Carbon Steel, Powder Coated

  • Shipment Info

    2.0 - 2.5 (kg) or 4.4 - 5.5 (lbs)

    8 × 30 × 40 (cm) or 3.2 × 11.8 × 15.8 (in)

  • Components Support

    Mini-ITX or Deep-ITX
    SFX or SFX-L Power Supply (not recommended with AIO)

    PCIe 4.0 x16 Riser (Included)
    Front Power Button (Included)

    Rear M19 Power Button & Fittings (in Fittings Pack)

    10Gbps+ Front USB-C Cable (in T1 Essential Pack)

  • Liquid Cooling Support

    46mm Maximum Thickness for 120 / 240AIO & Fans:

    2 × 12025 Fan (+ 120AIO)

    2 × 12015 Slim Fan (+ 240AIO)

    Side Mount 240 or 280 Radiator (not recommended) requires 1-slot GPU and Side Fan Bracket :

    2 × 120 Fan (+ 240AIO) or 2 × 140 Fan (+ 280AIO)

2024-01 T1 Latest Update Notes

Improved Front Panels

  • Added Bracket Brace for V2.1 Side Fan + Radiator on the GPU Side. This feature allows the possibility of dual radiator builds where the second radiator is mounted to the GPU side.
  • Updated SFX Bracket, SFX, SFX-L PSU can be installed more securely.

Improved Rear Panels

  • The Rear Panel M19 holes are now 19mm through-holes, no longer threaded.
  • The GPU Lock Bars from V2.0 have been replaced with GPU Lock Brackets. These brackets allow for better GPU cable (DP, HDMI) clearance compared to the old bars.
  • Improved Side Fan Brackets

Backward Compatibility

  • For all users who has supported us before, we have not forgotten about you. Parts on the latest 2.1 update is backward compatible with v2.0 T1. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version.
  • You can purchase all T1 components individually by contacting (Shipping calculated separately based on receiving country)
  • Old USB-C Kit customers will receive a discounted price, $15, to purchase the official USB-C Cable through

Other Improvements

  • Riser Bar Upgraded. (Accessories Coming)
  • PCIe Cable Updated. (Silvermix Cable comes with E-White & Silver T1)

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Product Brief & Shipping

Quality Guide

We are dedicated in providing the best pricing and value for our products.

After exploring various manufacturing processes, to make the pricing reasonable and cost savings most impactful, some trade-offs had to be made.

Color: Some color variations of the parts that make up the product is standard and expected. In addition, some color variation between products of the same color is normal and expected. Examples of color variation can be viewed in this album.

Surface: Minor surface blemishes are typical and expected, as long as they do not impede the product's functions. However, there is difference between exterior and interior standard: 

  • Exterior: scratches / dents / blemishes on exterior surfaces larger than 0.5x1cm are covered under the warranty.
  • Interior: scratches / dents / blemishes on interior surfaces larger than 2x1cm in size are covered under the warranty.

*Note: The interior surfaces will inevitably show wear and tear by building the product.

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